Wednesday, 25 January 2017


In my house this morning, looked out the window and saw one solitary bubble gently resting among the sharp and spiky plants in the front garden.

I was so struck by this. Where had the bubble come from? Why had it not popped? And what did God want to say through this obscure and bizarre moment?!

Sometimes the word bubble is "used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last" (Google definition). 

I think this is what God wants to offer us. Except unlike normal bubbles, this opportunity isn't going to pop and disappear. God is offering peace in the chaos and confusion, strength to the weary and worn, joy to the downcast and sad, restoration to the broken and battered, beauty in the ashes, unexpected beauty in the midst of the spiky thorns. The reality of our situation may not incline itself towards peace, joy, hope from the world's point of view. But God is bigger than how things seem... and he offers us bubbles in the thorns.

Much like my random, unpopped bubble this morning we can access the 'living in the bubble' moment if we stop. If we choose to be still. If we start struggling that opportunity will pop and be gone. All the time the bubble rested it was supported, it was in the light and it was a beautiful thing.

Take some time to rest today. Rest in His word, rest in His love, rest in His offer of bubble living... Don't struggle, don't strain. Be still, rest. He is God. He knows what he's doing - even sending bubbles to random front gardens to get us to stop.

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